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"Amato" Edible arrangement
    FRUIT: Pineapple, Melon "Cantaloupe", Melon "Galia", Strawberries, Dark grapes, Granny Smith apples, Banana, Orange, Chocolate | Size L: 3,5kg | XL: 5,2kg | XXL: 7,3kg |
"Emperor" Fruit Bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, melon. strawberry, grapes, plum, sharon, peach | L: 4 kg | XL: 6 kg. | XXL: 9 kg. |
"Golden Peacock" Fruit Bouquet
    FRUIT: Pineapple, Melon "Cantaloupe", Melon "Galia", Strawberries, Dark grapes, Peach, Nektarin, Kiwi, Orange | XXL: 9kg |
"Amsterdam" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, melon. strawberry, grapes | Weight L: 3,5kg | XL: 5 kg. | XXL: 7,2 kg. |
"Athena" fruit basket
    FRUIT:• Pineapple• Tangerines• Grapes• Melon • Lime• Banana• Apples• Orange• Lemon • Coconut• Kiwi• Lichi | Weight: 10kg. |
"Calypso" Fruit bouquet
    L: 3,9kg | XL: 5,3kg | L: 7,5kg |
"Carmela" Fruit basket
    FRUITS: • Pineapple 2pcs • Apple •Mandarin Grapes•Peach Plum Sharon•Pear• Banana | Weight: 7kg. |
"Chocolate Thumbelina" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: Strawberry | Size XS |
"Greatness" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, melon. strawberries, grapes, apples, coconut, chocolate, orange | Size L: 3,5kg | XL: 5,5kg |
"Pinot Noir" Fruit basket
    FRUITS: • Pineapple, Apples, Grapes, Orange, Wine, Seasonal Bouquet | Weight: 6kg. |
"Yunona" fruit basket
    FRUIT:• Pineapple• Grapes• Mix nuts • Lime• Pomegranate• Apples• Orange• Avocado• Kaki• Apples• Fresh mix salad (box) | Weight: 6kg. |
Craft bouquet strawberry "WITH MINT"
Fruit in chocolate Strawberry Grapes Apple
    Fruits: strawberry, grape, apple, chocolate |
Grapes in chocolate
    Fruits: grapes |
Milk chocolate striped strawberries
    Fruits: strawberries, chocolate | Weight M: 0,6 kg. |

A fruit miracle is a gift to a girl, and possibly to a wife!

Life is a series of weekdays and holidays, and if the holidays become an occasion for rest, the weekdays are usually occupied with concern for material prosperity and mental harmony. One of these worries falls on your shoulders, men, at a time when the next holiday smoothly turns into a weekday. The question of what to give your loved one next time can be a real pain for you and the closer the date, the hotter the desire to choose a gift for a girl or maybe a wife.

Gifts are designed to please a loved one. Of course, a great gift can be a practical thing that has long wanted to buy. However, in this case, pleasant sensations will appear from a successful purchase, but is it a holiday? You understand that the more interesting and original the gift, the brighter and more solemn the moment, the more pleasant the feeling of the holiday. Therefore, if you, men, want to deliver the most pleasant and unforgettable impressions of any holiday of your beloved, you need to make every effort and choose the most beautiful and unique gift for the girl, beloved and dearest.

With special awe you need to treat the beginning between two people's feelings. Meeting your other half is a great luck, and happiness that does not fall to everyone. There are no small things when you carefully take the first steps, getting to know each other. Even the wrong gift can upset the relationship, and vice versa unforgettable and original gift will pave the way to the heart. An original gift to a girl can kill her heart with Cupid's arrows forever!

A fruit bouquet of delicious, juicy, fresh, traditional or exotic fruits is a win-win option for a gift for a girl, especially if you can take into account her taste preferences when choosing fruit.

The masters turn the fruit into a unique and beautiful bouquet especially for you, which will be a great gift for your girlfriend or wife. Act, learn its fruit benefits, what fruits your girl loves, and most importantly what she avoids and know that you can realize any fantasy, expressing all your feelings and desires in such a gift to a girl. The charming beauty of a fruit bouquet will bring your beloved girl a real holiday pleasure.

A lot changes in a relationship when a girl becomes a wife. The relationship is already built, but there are many inconsistencies that interfere with happiness. Right now, your gift to your wife will be a symbol that you accept your beloved wife as she is, with all her passions, thoughts and emotional outbursts. No need for extra words, you gave a fruit bouquet to your wife or girlfriend, everything will say for you.

Take a look at this miracle, each fruit has its own aroma and taste, and in the combination of fruits and berries you can put any, even the most mysterious meaning. Exotic fruits combined with the creative approach of the creators will make your favorite woman smile and help her feel the full depth of feelings and strength of the relationship.

The time has come when you do not need to think long and painfully about what kind of gift for a girl to make on this day and rush headlong to the shops. You just need to choose a bouquet of fruit on our website, pay for it in a way convenient for you and a wonderful gift for a girl or wife will be delivered to you as soon as possible. If your fantasies come true, then our masters will create a bouquet to your taste and desire. A fruit bouquet in an exquisite package will make the holiday of your girlfriend or wife an unforgettable event, will bring real pleasure and delight, whether it is a celebration or any other event.

Give your beloved wife or girlfriend a fruit miracle, bring her joy and many pleasant and unforgettable moments of pleasure!

Our company is the first in Ukraine to provide services for creating fruit and berry bouquets and compositions, we work in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Our advantage is the terms of the order - you should choose the fruit composition and design of the bouquet, and in 30 minutes the ready edible gift to your girl will be ready! You can pick up a gift for your girl from our store in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa (addresses of our stores are in the contacts section) or use the delivery service (read more about the terms of delivery on our website in the menu "Delivery").