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"Leon" Fruit platter
    FRUIT: strawberries, apples, coconut, nuts, шоколад | Weight M: 2,5 kg. | L: 4,2 kg. |
"Monaco" Fruit platter
    FRUIT: strawberries, apples, banana, raspberries, coconut, nuts, chocolate | L: 2,5 kg. |
Fresh strawberries in a gift box
    Fruits: strawberries | Weight M: 0,6 kg. |
Fruit Covered Banana
    Fruits: banana, chocolate |
Fruit in chocolate "Bounty"
    Fruits: strawberries, coconut, nuts, chocolate |
Fruit in chocolate "Pineapple"
    Fruits: pineapple, coconut, nuts, chocolate |
Fruit in chocolate Banana, Pineapple, Strawberry
    Fruits: strawberry, banana, pineapple, coconut, nuts, chocolate |
Fruit in chocolate Strawberry Grapes Apple
    Fruits: strawberry, grape, apple, chocolate |
Grapes in chocolate
    Fruits: grapes |
Milk chocolate striped strawberries
    Fruits: strawberries, chocolate | Weight M: 0,6 kg. |
Strawberries in milk chocolate
    Fruits: strawberries, chocolate | Weight M: 0,6 kg. |
Strawberries in white and dark chocolate
    Fruits: strawberries, white and black chocolate | Weight M: 0,6 kg. |

Do you like chocolate covered strawberries? What about the whole THEGift  Fruit and Candy Assorted Leon or Monaco fruit bouquets and compositions?

An incredibly beautiful and insanely delicious sweet treat can be made from banana, pineapple, orange, apple and more. Real Italian white, black or milk chocolate (76% cocoa) and fresh fruits ... Sweet after sweet, each of which slowly melts in your mouth ... And you feel truly Paradise delight. If you have ever had a taste of fruit sweets, then you will agree that it is difficult to refuse such a pleasure. We offer you as an original gift beautiful, fresh and delicious fruit sweets, which will surely please the taste of a sweet tooth.

The use of classic dark chocolate from manufacturers in Italy and Belgium allows you to plunge into the world of childhood and the pleasures that we experienced at that time.

We create unique hand-made masterpieces from fruits and sweets!

Candy as a gift is always nice. Imagine, you open a box of chocolates - and there are fruits! In chocolate! Fresh and aromatic! Such appetizing-looking, that it seems, the boxes will obviously not be enough for you to be completely satisfied. Even more "greed" is caused by fruit sweets, sprinkled with coconut or walnuts. Only after you feel the taste of the craft, you can determine what kind of fruit it is made of.

Fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple and apples, and most of all our choice is given to bananas in white and black chocolate.

The assortment of the store today includes more than 20 bright combinations of rune-work and assorted fruit sweets (7 types of fruits). Each of them is tasty and attractive in its own way.

For such unusual sweets, we use only fresh products, carefully selecting each individual fruit. Chocolate is only natural. No glazes. We make sweets within half an hour after ordering. Suitable for consumption within 24 hours after their manufacture. Fruit and chocolate masterpieces retain all their taste characteristics at temperatures up to +6 C - this is the usual refrigerator temperature ≤ if you suddenly decide to keep your gift for a longer period.

By the way, sweets can be packed in a beautiful gift box, which creates the right mood, gives only positive emotions Not only from savoring, but also from contemplation of such beauty.

An original, fresh and tasty gift from THEGift fruit bouquets and compositions is the right decision!