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"Beloved" Fruit bouquet
    L2,9kg | XL4,2kg | XXL5,2kg |
"Wonderful moment" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, strawberries, grapes, chocolate | Size S: 1,6kg | M: 2,3kg |
"Magnificence" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, melon. strawberry | M: 2,4 kg. |
"Paradise" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, melon. strawberries, grapes, banana, kiwi, mango, chokolate | M: 2,6kg | L: 3,5kg |
"Amato" Edible arrangement
    FRUIT: Pineapple, Melon "Cantaloupe", Melon "Galia", Strawberries, Dark grapes, Granny Smith apples, Banana, Orange, Chocolate | Size L: 3,5kg | XL: 5,2kg | XXL: 7,3kg |
"Marfil" fruit basket
    FRUIT: • Pineapple• Apples• Grapes• Kiwi• Grapes• Drink•Oranges• Banana•Pear• Chees• Sausage• Chocolate | Weight: 8kg. |
"Valentino" Fruit bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, strawberries, grapes, chocolate | M: 2,3kg |
"Mamba" Fruit and chocolate mix
    FRUIT: strawberries, apples, banana | M: 1,5 kg. |
"Emperor" Fruit Bouquet
    FRUIT: pineapple, melon. strawberry, grapes, plum, sharon, peach | L: 4 kg | XL: 6 kg. | XXL: 9 kg. |
"Love is ..." Fruit bouquet
    M: 2,2kg | L: 3,6kg | XL: 5kg |
"Nepal" Fruit platter
    FRUIT: strawberry, blueberry, nectarine, raspberry, plum, peach, blackberry, grape | L: 3 kg. |
"Athena" fruit basket
    FRUIT:• Pineapple• Tangerines• Grapes• Melon • Lime• Banana• Apples• Orange• Lemon • Coconut• Kiwi• Lichi | Weight: 10kg. |

About store TM FruitLife


Fruit bouquets (edible arrangements) are delicious gifts that will surprise every recipient.

The feeling of insecurity that accompanies us in the process of choosing a gift is familiar to many. Especially - if we do not know a person well enough to determine with accuracy what he needs or what he prefers to receive today as a gift. By the way, it is no less difficult to choose a gift for those whose character, habits and taste are well known to us. Sometimes, out of desperation, hands simply drop. At such moments, it is worth remembering such a great company as FruitLife ™ and keep calm.

FruitLife ™ has been providing services in the field of floristry from fruit and berry compositions in Ukraine since 2010 and today is the leader among companies providing such services. Here you can order a gift that will appeal to everyone - a fruit bouquet (edible arrangements). This is a new gift and decoration format that is suitable for all kinds of special occasions, be it weddings, birthdays or anniversaries.

What can be expressed by such a gift? Emphasize the sincerity and warmth of relations, express gratitude, wish a carefree and sweet life.

Fruit compositions (edible arrangements) in FruitLife ™ are created exclusively from selected fresh fruits. Banana slices, pineapple and chamomile petals, sweets, Granny Smith apples, strawberry figurines and more can be used as decorations.

Ah, flowers, flowers… Fruits in chocolate – a delicious novelty from FruitLife ™

Imagine a fragrant and juicy piece of chocolate-covered pineapple or melon. Mmm ... Do you think you can cook such a delicacy yourself at home? Even if it’s summer outside, you know how to choose delicious and ripe fruits, and at home, you always have an extra bar of real Italian chocolate with 76% cocoa content, you are unlikely to get such yummy as in FruitLife ™. And we guarantee you a beautiful, unusual and insanely delicious bouquet of sweets!

For each individual case - different bouquets of fruits (edible arrangements). Are you going on a date? Flowers and sweets are classics of the genre. We offer to diversify such a set by presenting a beautiful bouquet (edible arrangements) of sweets to the girl. She will be absolutely delighted. Getting to know your mother-in-law? It will be easy to appease the “second mother” with sweet candies, and even in such an original form as a bouquet of sweets. Can you imagine how much joy a gift in the form of such a bouquet will cause in a child? Surely the baby will be delighted with the candy, inside of which there is a delicious fruit.

Before ordering fruits deeped chocolate in Kyiv from FruitLife ™, we advise you to familiarize yourself with examples of work on our website. Delivers bouquets of fruits 7 days a week, and masters can create the most unusual fruit arrangement for you in just 30 minutes!

FruitLife's ™ doors are open for you today not only in Kyiv. Now you can buy fruit baskets (edible arrangements) in Odesa and Kharkiv. But that is not all! Also, soon we plan to please foreign lovers of beautiful, unusual and tasty gifts by opening a FruitLife ™ store in the city of Bratislava (Slovakia).